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For more than three decades, Karen Pittman has charged all adults who work with and for young people to shift from singling out young people who somehow beat the odds to figuring out how we can change the odds for all young people by fundamentally shifting the way we do business.

Karen speaking at a Reclaiming Futures event in April 2011

Why Remix?

By intentionally remixing ideas from the top thinkers in the allied youth fields – cross-time (past archives and present conversations), cross-topic, and cross-system – Changing the Odds Remix will help elevate new ways of thinking, seeing, and acting and illuminate the through lines across efforts to build equitable learning and development ecosystems.

What to Expect

Remix Roundup

Our one a month newsletter brings together all our new Remix product and compilation of the ideas, conversations, articles, and presentations Karen has been connecting with and reflecting on.


Remix Podcast Series

Four-to-six segment series in which Karen invites guests to engage in provocative explorations of new ways to think about high-leverage strategies for accelerating progress to upends inequities that limit youth success.

On the Record Interviews

Short video or print remixes of longer, often off the record discussions with youth and adult from across the youth fields.

Remix Commentaries

Blogs, articles, and videos that take the latest research, data, and stories of practice across the youth fields and remix them to help illuminate the path to change the odds.

Remix Classics

As we remix from the archive of past videos, writing, presentations and tools, we’ll always share the full version of items to re-read, re-watch, or re-engage with.

Remix on the Road

Partnering Podcast that we bring our ideas of places and spaces to continue the work.

Our Team

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Lead Writer
Executive Producer
Field Interviewer
Senior Advisor 
Traci Ganuza
Social Media Director 

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Knowledge to Power (KP) Catalysts is the driving force behind Changing the Odds Remix. KP Catalysts increases the rate at which leaders transform Knowledge into Power to change the odds that all children and youth will thrive. The KP Catalysts team of action-focused thought leaders offers a wide range of services to amplify ideas, vitalize partnerships, and accelerate change. From one-on-one coaching to facilitating large-scale, cross-systems collaboratives, they challenge organizations and initiatives across the learning and development ecosystem to be bold, inclusive, science-informed, and equity-focused in their work with and on behalf of young people.

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