Changing the Odds Remix Podcast

Each season of the Remix podcast, Karen interviews guests known for their innovative contributions to engage in provocative, engaging, on-the record “remix” examinations of the public stories behind their success (and failures) to tease out replicable lessons.

In Season One, Karen is joined by youth and adult leaders from the K-12 field to reflect on public statements they have recently made and push for more specifics on how, where, when, and with whom meaningful learning experiences were being intentionally shaped in partnership.

Listeners will be invited to explore the sausage making stories behind the powerful public stories of how excellent, equitable opportunities for learning in community during the school day is being in scaled in schools across the country.

In Season Two focuses on the intentional roles adults beyond the classroom and beyond the school – librarians, youth workers, nurses, case workers, counselors – have in helping youth navigate their communities. The places. The people. The possibilities.

Season One and Two are sponsored by the Readiness Projects.

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