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Making Learning & Development a Team Sport

Episode #2
“We have to be a great web of support for kids in school and out of school, because we don't know which are those things that will be most instrumental in a student's life.”
— Ron Berger, Senior Advisor - Teaching & Learning, EL Education

In this Episode, host Karen Pittman talks with Ron Berger, Senior Advisor, Teaching & Learning for EL Education, and Margarida Celestino, a freshman at Colgate University and alumnus of Casco Bay High School (an EL school).

EL Education was born out of a collaboration between the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Outward Bound USA. EL schools across the country work to change education from being an individual sport to a team sport in which youth and adults work together to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Karen, Ron, & Margarida served on a panel together earlier in the year and Karen was eager to dig in more deeply to themes from that discussion, including how EL Education intentionally shapes school culture and how Margarida’s success was impacted by her experiences both in school and in the community. Together, they  explore the importance of adult and student culture, the power of expeditions in the community, the connection between school and community partners, and continue the discussion from Episode 1 on whether or not we should view social emotional learning and academics as in tension with each other.

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This episode continues Karen, Ron & Margarida's discussion from a Science of Learning & Development Alliance Strategy Session -  Design Principles for Schools: Putting SoLD into Action.

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Full Recording Session

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Episode 2 Extras

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