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What Makes Up Equitable, Learner-Centered Ecosystems

Episode #4
Students at The Met School in Providence RI
“Ecosystem is a very broad distinction for us. It's just a community that has a stake in the learning development of every member of said community and has the various assets to organize supports and credentials of learning and development. ”
— Alin Bennet, Education Reimagined

Education Reimagined is committed to a bold vision for creating equitable, learner-centered ecosystems. In this Episode, host Karen Pittman talks with two members of the Education Reimagined team – Alin Bennet, Vice President of Practice and Field Advancement, and Olivia Christensen, a member of the Board and a student at Morningside University.

Alin Bennett With a Group of Students at Graduation    Olivia Christiansen Headshot

Alin and Olivia were guests on Education Reimagined’s first Learning Out Loud with Education Reimagined conversation. Inspired by that session, Karen asked Alin and Olivia to come back together to discuss their individual experiences leading and learning in reimagined systems and settings. Their conversation explores how Education Reimagined envisions and defines equitable, learner-centered ecosystems, and they consider how community-based learning opportunities help promote meaning-making and connection.

Watch the Learning Out Loud session that inspired this Episode. 

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Episode 4 Extras

Watch as Karen & Olivia dig in more on what Education Reimagined means by home base, learning hub & field site
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And as Olivia shares more:

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