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Understanding, Reflecting, & Building Community at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine  

Episode #9
“Having an adult mentor outside of school and outside of your home and having a safe place to go, is so impactful. I try to be what I could have used back then, what I needed back then”
— Erin Giwer Senior Program Director at the Portland Clubhouse of the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Maine. 

We’re taking a walk in co-host Margarida Celestino’s shoes as we begin to meet the adults from her community that helped and left an impact on her. In this episode, Margarida and our Executive Producer Katherine Plog Martinez talk to Erin Giwer, Senior Program Director at the Portland Clubhouse of the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Maine. 

Through their discussion, Erin paints a more complete picture of the work the Boys & Girls Clubs do to help young people realize their full potential. Katherine, Erin, and Margarida explore how the Boys & Girls Club has worked to deeply connect with Portland’s unique population of young people through partnerships with families, schools, and other organizations, and how Erin and her team prioritize and foster relationships with each club member. Erin’s joyful attitude and outlook about working at the Boys & Girls Club and helping shape the lives of all the young people that come through their doors make it easy to see why she was so impactful for Margarida and many others in the Portland community.   


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