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Making Change Through Local Campaigns

Episode #6
Preschool children listening to a story
“We need to start where parents are and ask, "What is it that we could do to ensure that parents have bold goals for their own children?"”
— Ralph Smith, Managing Director, Campaign for GRade Level Reding

Ralph Smith Speaking at Conference

In this bonus episode, we explore what deep community and parent engagement in learning and development look like beginning in early childhood. Host Karen Pittman talks with Ralph Smith about his work and lessons learned during his tenure at the Campaign for Grade Level Reading. Longtime colleagues, Ralph & Karen have each taken different paths on their shared journey to change the odds for children and youth.Ralph and Karen explore the power of authentic demand and discuss the Campaign’s newest initiative – Learning Happens Everywhere.

Visit our website to learn more about the Campaign for Grade Level Reading and their recently launched Learning Happens Everywhere initiative.

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Bonus Episode Extras

Hear more from Ralph about the Campaign for Grade Level Reading

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And the Campaign's latest initiative - Learning Happens Everywhere

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