Katherine Plog Martinez, Forum for Youth Investment
Deborah Moroney, American Institutes for Research 
Jill Young, American Institutes for Research

Over the last few years, social and emotional learning (SEL) has gained popularity as a set of practices and system change efforts in the fields of education and youth development. More recently, SEL has become a catch-all term for well-being, mental health, character development, discipline practices, mindsets, mindfulness, restorative practices, school climate efforts, and even equity. Unfortunately, some are concerned that use of the term “SEL” has become so ubiquitous that we risk diluting the very research about its effectiveness.

What does the research say about SEL? First, the research is clear that effective SEL is an intentional set of programs and adult practices focused on helping young people develop specific skills and competencies. Research shows that… Read Full Column on Medium 
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