Katherine Plog Martinez and Karen Pittman

“We envision a porous system where what counts for learning is reimagined and the school district itself is a primary partner in this citywide effort, but we are working elbow to elbow with our partners, and we are learning from each other… We believe summer 2021 can be a springboard toward our commitment to help Tulsa become a city of learning.”

Paula Shannon, Deputy Superintendent, Tulsa Public Schools

“We chose to call Tulsa’s first out-of-school time intermediary The Opportunity Project rather than, for example, the Tulsa OST Network for two reasons. First, we recognize in Tulsa there is a huge divide between young people who have access to those opportunities and young people who do not. Second, we recognize this isn’t a one and done with a finish line, this is ongoing work that requires the whole of our community.”

Caroline Shaw, Executive Director, The Opportunity Project

Over the past few months we’ve been having regular conversations about how now, more than at any point in our careers, it seems we have a real, tangible shot at having the youth development, whole child, whole community approaches advanced by national “thought leaders” take root deeply in communities. Karen’s career spans 50 years, so this revelation led us to pause and ask: Why?
Because education leaders like Deputy Superintendent Shannon see making their school systems more porous and humble as central to their district’s commitment to upend educational equity. Because out-of-school time leaders like…  Read Full Column on Medium 


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